The Walk of Faith

The Walk of Faith
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John 4:46–54-Passion
46 Jesus entered the village of Cana of Galilee where he had transformed water into wine. And there was a governmental official in Capernaum who had a son who was very sick and dying. When he heard that Jesus had left Judea and was staying in Cana of Galilee, he decided to make the journey to Cana. When he found Jesus he begged him, “You must come with me to Capernaum and heal my son!”
48 So Jesus said to him, “You never believe unless you see signs and wonders.”
49 But the man continued to plead, “You have to come with me to Capernaum before my little boy dies!”
50 Then Jesus looked him in the eyes and said, “Go back home now. I promise you, your son will live and not die.” The man believed in his heart the words of Jesus and set off for home.
51 When he was still a distance from Capernaum, his servants met him on the road and told him the good news, “Your son is healed! He’s alive!”
52 Overjoyed, the father asked his servants, “When did my son begin to recover?” “Yesterday,” they said, “at one in the afternoon. All at once his fever broke—and now he’s well!”
53 Then the father realized that it was at that very same hour that Jesus spoke the words to him, “Your son will live and not die.” So, from that day forward, the man and all his family and servants believed.
54 This was Jesus’ second extraordinary miracle in Galilee after coming from Judea.

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