Who Do You See, In The Mirror?

Who Do You See, In The Mirror?
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2 Corinthians 3:16-18

16 But the moment one turns to the Lord with an open heart, the veil is lifted and they see.
17 Now, the “Lord” I’m referring to is the Holy Spirit, and wherever he is Lord, there is freedom.

18 We can all draw close to him with the veil removed from our faces. And with no veil we all become like mirrors who brightly reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus. We are being transfigured into his very image as we move from one brighter level of glory to another. And this glorious transfiguration comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit

James 1:23-25-Passion
23 If you listen to the Word and don’t live out the message you hear, you become like the person who looks in the mirror of the Word to discover the reflection of his face in the beginning.
24 You perceive how God sees you in the mirror of the Word, but then you go out and forget your divine origin.
25 But those who set their gaze deeply into the perfecting law of liberty are fascinated by and respond to the truth they hear and are strengthened by it—they experience God’s blessing in all that they do!

When we look in the mirror, who do we see? Do we see more of Jesus, or more of us?

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